Bring on Budgetball

May 15, 2010

The Policy Daddy cares so much about spreading the word regarding the need for responsible budget policy that he is putting his body, and pride, on the line this coming Friday. I will participate in the Budgetball on the Mall tournament on the National Mall in Washington, DC on May 21 starting at 3 pm.

Budgetball was created as a unique way to get youth and others to think about sound budgeting. It’s the only sport I know of that involves oven mitts, though there may be a few cooks who take issue with that. The game is hard to explain. It’s best to check out the website at Better yet, come out on May 21 and see for yourself.


Friday Policy Haiku – Reform on the Street

April 23, 2010

Up against a Wall/

Street appears to be one way/

Why is reform hard?

Friday Policy Haiku – Sense Us

April 16, 2010

They want my form now/

Just ten questions, ten minutes/

Census, sense of us

Friday Policy Haiku – Taxing Time

April 9, 2010

Myriad of forms/

Between credits and shelters/

Broken tax system

Friday Policy Haiku – The Drill

April 2, 2010

More drilling for oil/

A short term necessity/

Where is the long plan?

Friday Policy Haiku – New Season

March 26, 2010

Rejoice, Spring is here

So, let your voices be heard

New season for change

Friday Policy Haiku – March Madness

March 19, 2010

It’s madness in March

Rallies, tallies and upsets

Congress weighs health care

Friday Policy Haiku – Reconciliation

March 12, 2010

Reconcile, we ask

Reconciliation ‘stead

Faint health care reform

Friday Policy Haiku – Deficits and Debt

March 5, 2010

Deficits and debt

Hard choices delayed, denied

Our children will pay

Friday Policy Haiku – Health Summit

February 26, 2010

Summit on health care

Talking points, talking past all

Nadir for healing