Who’s Your Policy Daddy?

You constantly hear political pundits lump voters into categories such as “Soccer Moms” and “NASCAR Dads.”  Candidates for political office make assumptions about us based on factors such as geography and demographics.  I think the process would be better off if policy took precedence over political calculations.  We need “Policy Moms” and “Policy Dads” for candidates to posture to and jockey over.

The genesis of this blog is to help move American governance away from purely political motivations and towards thoughtful consideration and debate of policy issues.  But don’t worry; this blog won’t be filled with wonkisms.  This platform will address pressing issues with candor and insightful observations, but will do so in a straightforward way, without talking down to the audience. 

I am a veteran of the Washington think tank world who, although has toiled in D.C. long enough to lose any naiveté concerning the political process, refuses to be consumed by cynicism.  People are overcoming difficult circumstances and finding solutions to seemingly intractable problems every day.  However, the resilience, innovation and cooperation that is evident across the country is lacking in its capital. 

The technologies and institutions that should be connecting us are instead driving us apart.  But the spirit and ingenuity of America can be unleashed if Americans are called by sincere voices seeking real solutions.  I want to be one of those voices.  I hope you will join me and enjoy this blog.


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